2 September 2017

Replenish yourself with these 5 activities in Alcor Spa Resorts

Kasauli in Himachal Pradesh is one of the most frequently traveled destinations in India. It is a preferred location for all the people who want to take a break from their monotonous routine.

If you love nature and wish to spend some time in a perfect vicinity, Kasauli in Himachal Pradesh will be a great choice. There are a number of activities that one can enjoy by booking a stay in Alcor Spa Resorts (formerly known as Kuthar Palace), one of the best destination spa resort in Kasauli also known for its arches, pillars, temples, beautiful interiors and wooden carved ceilings.

Alcor Spa Resorts offers:

  1. A Jungle walk in the woods:

As Kuthar is surrounded by lush green mountains, it provides you an amazing opportunity to get refreshed by walking freely across the jungle and the sounds of birds. The tree frog chirps give you a sense of relaxation. Also known as Jungle Bath, this activity is slowly growing its popularity in India as researches carried out in this regard have yielded positive results. Taking jungle bath frequently helps improve one’s immune system, reduces depression, boosts energy and also lowers risks of cardiac arrest and high blood pressure.

  1. Yoga and Meditation:

You can even perform yoga & meditation at Alcor Spa Resorts under the direction of the best Yoga trainers to detox and energize your mind and body. Feel the energetic charge from your legs, ankles and feet compared to the touch of the ground and make your whole body stable by doing various poses of yoga. Synched with the breath, every pose brings fresh oxygen into your lungs, tissues and organs. They are known to ground your body and give you a complete relief from inflammation, pain and stress.

  1. Get Spa therapy/treatment:

We all know that nature is the best healer. Alcor Spa Resorts in the lap of Himalayas, provides best spa treatment as per your body requirement. With the use of natural aroma oils, therapists give you the most relaxing spa experience to make you feel revive and energetic. With the compliments of organic tea, you can enjoy variety of local fresh fruits and calming lemon honey green tea overlooking the majestic Kuthar Fort. Some of the spa therapies available at resort are Balinese Massage, Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Aroma Therapy, Organic Scrubs etc. which have their own benefits.

  1. Indoor Swimming Pool:

We all agree that life is better in a Pool. Swimming relaxes your mind, chills your body and the time spent in a heated swimming pool during  winters is undoubtedly the best natural massage therapy. Alcor Spa Resorts in Kuthar offers you a perfect combination of seasonal indoor swimming pool where you can enjoy with your loved ones and get refreshed naturally.

  1. Mountain Biking:

Biking on mountains is the most adventurous activity that thrills your soul. Kasauli is one of the most popular destinations where bikers test their biking skills. Alcor Spa Resort provides you the opportunity to explore this adventure with the help of in-house cycles available at the resort. While cycling, you can experience biking on the rugged terrains and riding up and down the hills.


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